Student Success

The Student Success Department works in conjunction with the Administration, Student Services and the Special Education Department to track and monitor students who are not working to their potential. The department offers specialized courses, and organizes targeted initiatives throughout the year, to help students who are struggling.

General Learning Strategies:  This course is offered to Grade 9 students who have been identified in needing help with organization and task focus.  The course focuses on teaching and practicing various learning strategies to help students become better, more independent learners.  Students learn how to develop and apply literacy and numeracy skills, personal management skills, and interpersonal and teamwork skills to improve their learning and achievement in school, the workplace, and the community.

Credit Recovery:  This course focuses on completing expectations, of a previously unsuccessful course, that are incomplete rather than repeating the entire course.  Students who have low credit accumulation are often eligible for this course.

Student Success Days:  This school-wide initiative allows for time, in January and April, for students to meet with specific teachers to complete outstanding work, or receive extra help in a subject.

Credit Rescue Opportunities:  Students have many opportunities to “Complete, not Repeat” their courses.  Teachers set aside time during class, at lunch and after school to provide those students, who are close to earning their credit, an opportunity to meet academic expectations.

For more information, click on the TDSB’s link to Student Success programming.