Special Education

The Special Education Department at Danforth CTI offers a wide variety of supports to assist students in reaching their full potential!  From implementing accommodations on the IEP to helping students transition to college or university, the special education staff are devoted to supporting and advocating for Danforth students with special needs.

Learning Strategies (GLE)

The Learning Strategies course helps students become better, more independent learners and develop the confidence and motivation to pursue opportunities for success in high school and beyond.  The GLE teachers track and monitor students’ progress, assist students with work in their other subject areas, and support subject teachers in implementing the IEP.

Learning Disability Program

The Learning Disability Program is for students who have been placed in this intensive support program by an IPRC.  In this program, students take their core subjects (English, Math, Science, Geography and History) in smaller classes with a qualified Special Education Teacher and an Educational Assistant.  In these classes, students follow the same Ontario curriculum and earn the same credits as students in mainstream classes.  Students in the LD Program also take GLE.

Autism Program

The Autism Program supports students with Autism Spectrum Disorders.  Students access this resource-based program on an as-needed basis and the teachers and Child and Youth Worker develop individualized supports to meet students’ unique needs.  The ASD Program is also open during the lunch hours to provide a fun place for students to go with a focus on developing social skills and fostering friendships.

Focus on Success

The FOS Program provides support for students exhibiting ongoing behavioural concerns that affect their learning.  The FOS room is a positive and safe alternative workspace where students can focus on their studies.  The Child and Youth Worker provides social-emotional support to students and helps them develop the problem-solving and coping skills to be successful in the classroom.

Developmental Disabilities Program

The DD Program consists of three vibrant and active classrooms for students with Developmental Disabilities.  Students focus on developing life skills, social skills, and literacy and numeracy skills.  With weekly field trips, cooking, swimming, art projects, physical fitness activities, and the Best Buddies Program, students have ample opportunity to engage with their school and the greater community.

Students are always welcome to come to the Special Education Department in room B67 or call (416) 393-0620 x 20161 if there is anything they need.  Special Education at Danforth is like a family – we are here to help you succeed!