The Danforth Science Department offers a wide variety of courses to meet the needs of a diverse community of learners. Even before the Grade 9 students enter our doors they have had the option to choose one of many general science courses. These courses include essential level, applied, academic and our specialized MaST program. At all levels in grade 9 the students develop their skills in the following strands of science Biology, Chemistry, Earth and Space Science and Physics. In Grade10 the students continue taking a general science course where they study Biology: Tissues, Organs and Systems of Living Things, Chemistry: Chemical Reactions, Earth and Space Science: Climate Change. Physics: Light and Optics. Again, in Grade10, students are offered science at the essential, applied and academic levels. Students have the opportunity to develop their skills of scientific inquiry through STEM based projects and experiments.  Another key component to science that is emphasized at Danforth is the development of a scientifically literate community. The relationship between Science, Technology, Society and the Environments is also our priority.

In Grades 11 & 12 the students have the opportunity to choose one or more of the following specialties:  Biology, Chemistry, Earth and Space Science and Physics. These courses are available at both the college and university levels. Some workplace preparation courses are also offered. In Biology students are exposed to the diversity of life, plant and animal systems, genetics and molecular genetics, cellular functions and ecological sciences. In Chemistry students study Chemical Structure, Chemical Reactions, Solutions and Solubility, Organic Chemistry, Energy Changes and Rates of Reaction to mention a few. In Earth and Space Sciences students are exposed to the Earth’s History, Internal Processes and Earth’s Materials and in Physics topics include Kinematics, Energy and Momentum, Waves and Sound, Dynamics, The Wave Nature of Light.

In Grades 11 & 12 the students have the opportunity to choose Engineering Design – a two year interdisciplinary course that is not offered anywhere else.  These courses allow students to combine the knowledge and skills developed in math, physics, computers and design courses while competing in contests that involve building working devices such as hovercrafts, hot air balloons, speed boats, trebuchets and roller coasters.

In combination with their studies, students are encouraged to participate in numerous national competitions such as the U of T Biology contest, University of Toronto/Waterloo Chem 13 News Contest and Avogadro Exam, the OAPT and Physics Contests and the Metro Toronto Sci-Tech Fair. In recent years, many Danforth students have won awards at the national level.