Business @ Danforth

The Business at Danforth is alive and well! Our department offers two grade 11 courses covering Business Marketing and Entrepreneurship and a grade 12 course in Business Leadership. These courses offer a wonderful opportunity for students to prepare themselves for post secondary studies at College/University, workplace opportunities from a wide range of businesses and core business and leadership skills for future entrepreneurs. All Business courses do not have a prerequisite and are open to all Danforth students.

We offer the following courses in the Business Department at Danforth.

  • Grade 11 BMI3C Business Marketing              
  • Grade 11 BDP3O Entrepreneurship: The Enterprising Person
  • Grade 12 BOG4E Business Leadership: Becoming a Manager
Business Course Descriptions

Course: BMI3C Business Marketing

Course Description: This course introduces the fundamental concepts of product marketing, which includes the marketing of goods, services, and events. Students will examine how trends, issues, global economic changes, and information technology influence consumer buying habits. Students will engage in marketing research, develop marketing strategies, and produce a marketing plan for a product of their choice.

Course: BDP3O Entrepreneurship: The Enterprising Person

Course Description: This course examines the importance of enterprising employees in today’s changing business environment. Students will learn about the skills and attributes of enterprising employees, the distinguishing features of their work environments, and the challenges and rewards of becoming an enterprising person. Students will also have an  opportunity to demonstrate and develop enterprising skills by planning and organizing a school or community event.

Course: BOG4E Business Leadership: Becoming a Manager

Course Description: This course helps students prepare for managerial positions in their future careers. Students will focus on the development of core skills required to become a successful manager, including operations management, inventory control, marketing, financial planning, scheduling and communications. Students will also explore the management challenges of ethics, hiring, training and motivating employees, and comply with legal requirements.

Business Department Members


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Thomas Jackson (CL) 416.393.0620 Ex 20080
Yasmin Somani 416.393.0620 Ex 20080