Term 1 Report Cards & Parent Teacher Interviews

Attention Parents!

Term 1 Report Cards are being mailed and should be received by the end of the week. We encourage parents to sign up for Parent Teacher Interviews to meet with and discuss your child’s progress using our online registration system: http://danforthcti.schoolappointments.com/ 

Instructions (also included in the report card mailing) follow.

Parent/Teacher Interviews – Online Booking System

Parent/teacher interviews will be held on November 29, 2017. There are appointments available in the afternoon from 1:00 – 3:00pm, and evening from 6:00 – 8:00pm.

To book an interview with your son/daughter’s teachers please go to

http://danforthcti.schoolappointments.com/ and follow these steps:

  1. Fill out the registration information and click “Register now”
  2. Click “Add a student”
  3. Enter your son/daughter’s name and click “insert” (after step 6, click “insert new” if you have more than one son/daughter at Danforth).
  4. Click the calendar icon and then highlight the teachers you wish to see
  5. Click on “view calendars”
  6. Book appointments

The last date and time to book online is 11:00 pm, November 28th.

Remember to print off a copy of the schedule you have created and bring it with you on the day of the interviews. If you have any questions further information, please contact us at: 416-393-0620.

Danforth CTI Sign Honours Our Veterans This Week

The sign displays the names of the 2,300 Danforth students and staff who enlisted for military service during the Second World War.  255 of these individuals gave their lives serving their country and many others were injured. Of the 2,300 who served, 2,286 were students, 28 were young women, 13 were teachers, and one was from the secretarial staff.

Memorial to Danforth Students and Staff Who Served in World War 2

We are scrolling on the electronic sign at the front of the school, the names of Danforth students and teachers who served during World War 2. Danforth sent the most young men and women of any school in the British Commonwealth to serve in WW2. The names take a total of 4 hours to scroll through which indicates their great sacrifice. At this time of year we would ask that you take a moment and reflect upon this.

Danforth Students attend the Empower Youth Conference

The YOUth Conference, organized by the WISE (women in science and engineering) group was a really beneficial event. What I found to be the most useful to me was the panel with the undergraduate students who advised that “life is not a spectator sport”, we must get involved. They encouraged us to definitely talk to our professors and search for lab opportunities, to not be picky at first about which labs we get, but to just gain transferrable skills, which we can apply later on. (I will definitely look into that now during my time at university.) Their advice was very practical and applicable.

The professors were also very inspiring. The astrophysics one (Renee Hlozek) was my favorite, not only advocating about the STEM fields, but also empowering women, to challenge and change the current system of mostly male-dominant scientists.
During the Pre-Medical Society workshop, we learned about injections and even got the chance to practice on our own (just on tangerines of course), but it was a lot of fun!
I would definitely encourage the students next year to attend.
~ Nuzhat J.

Speak Up Project Grants

2017-18 SpeakUp Project Grants
are now open!

Students in grades 7-12
at publicly funded schools can apply.

SpeakUp Projects Grants of up to $2,500
are available to help students lead projects that make a difference
in their classrooms, schools and communities.

Students can learn more and apply online at ontario.ca/speakup.

Deadline is
December 7, 2017, at midnight, EST.

New World Issues (CGW4U) Course Offering

As a result of the restructuring a new course has been created on Day 2 Period 3. For those students who have a spare and would like to take the course, please see your guidance counsellor ASAP.

CGW4U is a MaST acceleration option and a grade 12 U/M course eligible for university admissions.

In this course, students will address the challenge of creating a more sustainable and equitable world. They will explore issues involving a wide range of topics, including economic disparities, threats to the environment, globalization, human rights, and quality of life, and analyse government policies, international agreements, and individual responsibilities relating to them. Students will apply the concepts of geographic thinking and the geographic inquiry process, including the use of spatial technologies, to investigate these complex issues and their impacts on natural and human communities around the world.

Any university or university/college preparation course in Canadian and world studies, English, or social sciences and humanities

Class Sizes

Dear Students, Parents and Guardians,

This is a note about class sizes, new staff and changes to some student timetables.

As you know, some of the classes at Danforth are very large.  Almost 40% of them are over the size the province has set as the cap for those courses.  To address this problem, the Board has granted us 3 additional teachers for our staff.  This means that some very large classes will be split and that other ones will be created by taking students (randomly) out of other classes.  These new classes will start on Monday, October 30th and it is my hope that the new teachers will all be in place on that day.  Most classes affected will be at the Grade 9 level, though some grade 10, 11 and 12 classes will also be affected.

This is, overall, great news and will give students smaller classes.  It also will make us compliant with Provincial and Board rules around class size.  Still, we understand that it will be disruptive for students and staff and that this kind of change is not always easy.  If you have any questions or concerns about this, please do not hesitate to speak to your VP or me.


Rob MacKinnon

Former MaST students get a deal on Dragon’s Den!

Frank Nguyen and Andre Bertram (both MaST graduates 2015) appeared on Dragon’s Den on October 19th looking for $100 000 of funding and to partner with one or more Dragon’s on their invention, the HeartWatch.

Not only did they get the full $100 000 in funding, but every Dragon went in on the deal to partner with them!  Check out their appearance below:


For more information about the HeartWatch and Andre and Frank’s company, please visit their website:  http://helpwear.ca/

Danforth Students are Very WISE!!


On Saturday September 30, 22 Danforth students from grade 9 to 12 attended the WISE Design Challenge at U of T. This is run by the local chapter of Women IScience and Engineering, to encourage more female high school students to consider STEM careers. It was an intense afternoon of competition and collaboration. Here is what 4 Danforth girls had to say

“We were given three different challenges that we could try to find a solution for. After a few hours, we then presented our solution to a panel of judges and all the other groups in the room. I found that this event helped improve my cooperation, creativity, and presentation skills. I was very much impressed with the other groups’ ideas and it was interesting to see how there are multiple solutions for every challenge. I have decided to join the WISE High School Mentorship program again as I found last year’s program was great. I’m looking forward to the future WISE events.” Alison W.

“We decided to tackle was how we would go about surviving on an overheating deserted island, where the surrounding water is contaminated, all the other people with us are wounded, and the only things we were given were Tupperware, mirrors, and string. My group separated what we needed to do into four categories, water, food, shelter, and healthcare. Overall my team worked really well together, coming up with our ideas and presenting. I enjoyed taking part in the challenge and would love to do it again next year.” Claire D.

“My group decided to design an app for healthcare, the app would be able to tell you where you need to go, ie hospital or walk in clinic, and based on your symptoms and then direct you to wherever you have to go. The app also had your full medical history, that could be edited by your doctor. Doctors could also find you profile by scanning your health-card. It could be used at home or in a hospital waiting room, so that doctors could know the patients symptoms before they saw them. The app would also automatically alert certain contacts if you had an accident and we’re in the hospital.” Taylor B.

“My experience at the WISE design challenge was amazing. It was fun to learn and work with high school students of different ages, I also found it inspiring to talk with university students about their areas of study. Overall it was great!” Maxine S.