Danforth Students are Very WISE!!


On Saturday September 30, 22 Danforth students from grade 9 to 12 attended the WISE Design Challenge at U of T. This is run by the local chapter of Women IScience and Engineering, to encourage more female high school students to consider STEM careers. It was an intense afternoon of competition and collaboration. Here is what 4 Danforth girls had to say

“We were given three different challenges that we could try to find a solution for. After a few hours, we then presented our solution to a panel of judges and all the other groups in the room. I found that this event helped improve my cooperation, creativity, and presentation skills. I was very much impressed with the other groups’ ideas and it was interesting to see how there are multiple solutions for every challenge. I have decided to join the WISE High School Mentorship program again as I found last year’s program was great. I’m looking forward to the future WISE events.” Alison W.

“We decided to tackle was how we would go about surviving on an overheating deserted island, where the surrounding water is contaminated, all the other people with us are wounded, and the only things we were given were Tupperware, mirrors, and string. My group separated what we needed to do into four categories, water, food, shelter, and healthcare. Overall my team worked really well together, coming up with our ideas and presenting. I enjoyed taking part in the challenge and would love to do it again next year.” Claire D.

“My group decided to design an app for healthcare, the app would be able to tell you where you need to go, ie hospital or walk in clinic, and based on your symptoms and then direct you to wherever you have to go. The app also had your full medical history, that could be edited by your doctor. Doctors could also find you profile by scanning your health-card. It could be used at home or in a hospital waiting room, so that doctors could know the patients symptoms before they saw them. The app would also automatically alert certain contacts if you had an accident and we’re in the hospital.” Taylor B.

“My experience at the WISE design challenge was amazing. It was fun to learn and work with high school students of different ages, I also found it inspiring to talk with university students about their areas of study. Overall it was great!” Maxine S.

Norwegian Delegation

Danforth CTI was proud to host a delegation of educators from Norway on Thursday. Our guests got a tour of both our current programs, and our school’s rich history. Thank you for choosing Danforth!

SRO Program Review

The School Resource Officer (SRO) program has been in place in the TDSB for nearly a decade, and the Board has decided to conduct a formal review of the effectiveness of the program.

The following letter explaining the process for the review will be sent home with students early next week:

School Resource Officer Survey Letter

As stated in the letter, while students will complete the survey on the program in school, parents input is being sought through an online survey  which is available now.

There are also public consultations underway. To see the list of dates and locations, or to get further information on this program review, please follow the link below:



We are aware that the website calendar has not yet been updated with the year’s events, and that this has been causing some confusion for students and families.

Please accept our apologies for the confusion, and see the calendar linked below, which is an electronic version of the one published in the student agenda this year.

Calendar 20172018 Student Version

Thank you for your patience – the live calendar will be up soon.

Grade 9 MaST Class at Adventure Valley

On Tuesday September 19th the grade 9 MaST classes participated in team building and environmental activities at Adventure Valley Outdoor Education Center.

Looking forward to meeting many parents and guardians at the grade 9 curriculum night on October 3rd @ 7:00 p.m.

Danforth’s Chemistry Super Stars

Once again, grade 12 Chemistry students have done exceptionally well on the “Chem 13 News Exam” coordinated by the University of Waterloo.  Five of our students Jackson, Ankit, Chris , Lily and Ruthie) are ranked within the 80th percentile in Canada, most notably; Chris placed 5th in Canada. His accomplishment is an incredible achievement.

Yet another year of excellent Chemistry contest results. Out of 4253 students Ivan, Astrid , Emily, and Callum are ranked within the 80th percentile in Canada in the Avogadro Chemistry Contest. Congratulations to all who wrote the exam.

Student’s Choice: Next Year’s Agenda

We have some wonderful submissions for next year’s agenda from Mr. Wilson and Ms. Neub’s art classes. Traditionally students would submit their artwork for selection by school staff. This year, we want to invite students to choose their agenda cover from four outstanding options.

You can vote* here: https://goo.gl/forms/l6zkHRLDFj2kAm3r2 or use the embedded form below.

*Please note that to vote you must be signed in to your TDSB account – your information is not collected, it is used by the system to ensure that there is only 1 vote cast per student.

Polls will close Monday June 19 at 3:00 pm.


Future Engineers Take Flight

The annual glider contest was held in the north gym on June 4th. The grade 11 engineering design classes had spent the past couple of weeks making gliders out of corrugated cardboard, foam-core and corrugated plastic. The gliders this year were among the best Ms. Tevlin had ever seen with the some of them travelling 30 meters. Congratulations to the winning team of Susheen, Varun and Samuel.

Danforth Trebuchet Contest: It was a Splash!

Danforth’s annual trebuchet contest took place at lunch Wed. May 31st. Four teams of students from the grade 12 Engineering Design class built large wooden siege weapons to fire water balloons at Danforth staff. We would like to thank all of the people who volunteered to be targets and especially Mr. Weight for showing up with his tiny butterfly net which worked really well until a balloon smashed it too hard. The winning team were the Beachcombers and at the end of the competition the students got to be a target en masse.

Danforth Trebuchet Siege 2017