School Council Meeting – Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Hello to all of our Danforth CTI families and Happy Spring,

As we enter into our final weeks of the 2016-2017 school year, the school is still a hive of activity as our staff and students prepare for culminating activities and then final exams not to mention prom, the Honours Tea and various sporting events. It is hard to believe how quickly this school year as flown and on June 29th we will be graduating yet another class of Danforth CTI students and launching them along new educational, career and life paths. It therefore seemed fitting for our school council to invite the Danforth Tech Society to be guest speakers at our Wednesday April 26th 2017 meeting.


What is the Danforth Tech Society you ask? They are the roots of our school – the historical roots! This is an association of past and present students, faculty and staff that dates back to 1999 or thereabouts. Through their continued efforts, they keep alive the rich history of a school that in 1912 was the Riverdale Branch Technical School before being renamed Danforth Technical School in 1932 and then Danforth CTI several years later.

This school that our children made the choice to attend enjoys a rich and often little known history which we will get a glimpse into at our upcoming council meeting when we will be welcoming several members from the Danforth Tech Society to share their stories of the school and its staff and students – past and present. Did you know that during World War II, Danforth had the distinction of having the largest number of staff and students (estimated at 2280) of any school in the British Commonwealth who enlisted for active service? Distinguished Newfoundland and Labrador artist, Gerald Squires, who has since passed, graduated from Danforth in 1957! Popular builder and home renovator, Mike Holmes, also attended our school! Did you also know that our school auditorium which was added in the 1920s has been featured in several films?

Our school has a rich history that many of us know little about and we hope that you will join us on Wednesday April 26th from 7 until 9 p.m. in Room B20 for a departure from our typical council meeting as we welcome members of the Danforth Tech Society to share with us a little bit of this rich history.

Also, please keep in mind that there are still two workshops in our Walk a Mile Series being presented in collaboration with Integra and the Child Development Institute. On Wednesday May 10th the topic we will be learning about social competence in students with learning disabilities and on Tuesday May 23rd the focus will be on higher order thinking or executive functions as they contribute to learner success. We hope you will join us from 7 until 8:30 in Room B20.

Our final school council meeting will be on Wednesday June 7th. As always, this is an opportunity for you, as parents, to learn about the inner workings and events at Danforth CTI so as to continue to be an active and engaged participant in your student’s learning experiences.

We look forward to seeing you at these school council sponsored events.

On behalf of the Danforth CTI School Council,

Alisa Metcalfe