Announcements for Friday, March 10, 2017

The lists of Grade 10 students and second-time writers, writing the OSSLT have been posted in the hallway across from the main office, in the hallway by the Library and in the hallway by the Special Education Resource Room, Room B67. All students writing the exams, please check the lists to ensure that your name is there and what room you will be writing the exam in on Thursday, March 30th.
The administration, staff and students would like to thank the OISE practice teachers on this last day of their practicum, for their dedication and service to our school and students. Please do not forget to drop off your keys in the main office before leaving this afternoon.
Message on behalf of Officer Forde. For all student in Brazilian Jit Jitsu, we are on the mats today. Please be on time. Thanks!
Cafeteria special today is shepherd’s pie served with a garden salad.