Announcements for Monday, March 21, 2016

What do you and the Easter Bubby have in common?  A love of chocolate of course!  The Prom Committee, will be selling Bunny Grams for $1.00 in the foyer at lunch all week.  Send your friends a sweet treat that will be delivered on Thursday, March 29th and help make this year’s Prom the best one yet!!             L. Mnyusiwalla

A reminder that the full cast of “The Odd Couple” is required for a lines rehearsal in the Drama Studio at lunch today.  Also, the cast is advised that there is no change to tonight’s rehearsal schedule.  We will be rehearsing scenes 1 & 2 after school as originally planned.  P. McAlpine

A reminder to all Wen Do participants that tomorrow and Thursday will by your last lessons so please attend.  J. Romani

A reminder that the Book Club is taking place in Room B08 today at lunch.          J. Romani

Pathways students in Grade 9 & 10!!  Please see your Pathways representative, Olando Harris, in Room B70 during lunch.  O. Harris