Announcements for Monday, November 30, 2015

Hockey!  Will the following hockey players please meet Mr. Vidovich at the Main Office at the beginning of lunch today; Gavin, Evan and Krimson.  All players can now view the season schedule outside of the Phys Ed Office, Room Y02.               J. Vidovich

Please join Ms. Filice in Room A12, the “Chill Out” room,  at noon for some meditation and relaxation.  All students and staff are welcome.  A. Filice

A reminder that there will be a full rehearsal for all those involved in the Holiday Show in the Drama Studio, Room B65, at lunch.  All dancers are required for a short meeting in the Drama Studio at lunch.  P. McAlpine

Just a reminder that there is a Junior Boys’ Basketball practice today at 3:15 p.m. in the North Gym.  Can all the score keepers also meet at the North Gym today.  K. Nizich

Announcements for Friday, November 27, 2015

Hockey!  Would the following hockey players.  Please see Mr. Vidovich today; Andrew, Antonio, Kiera and Madison.  J. Vidovich

All members of the Intramural Ultimate Frisbie Club are asked to meet in the North Gym for another practice at the start of lunch.  T. Jackson

Fun Friday today in the Library at lunch – come and play board games!                B. Mackay



Announcements for Thursday, November 26, 2015

There will be a Prom Committee meeting in Room C10 today at the start of lunch.  See you soon.  L. Mnyusiwalla

All students writing the McMaster University Physics exam should go to Room B01, the Computer Science Lab, at the start of lunch.  R. Tevlin

There is a Senior Girls’ Volleyball practice today after school in the South Gym.  T. Niven


Announcements for Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Remind to all coaches that there is a gym scheduling meeting at 11:35 a.m. today in Room B58.  T. Beardwood

Remember Fun Fridays in the library at lunch!  Join us for board games.            B. Mackay

Hockey players!  Tryouts today at 3:00 p.m. at Ted Reeve Arena.  Permission forms are required.  Dismissed time is 1:45 p.m.  J. Vidovich


Tuesday, November 24, 2015

If you are interested in a tag-team Yu-Gi-Oh tournament come to Room B67 at lunch today.  Yu-Gi-Oh Club is ever Tuesday in Room B67.  Everyone is welcome.  J. Cotton

A reminder to Danforth Ambassadors who have signed u for the Grade 8 Tours that you must meet in the main foyer tomorrow morning at 8:30 a.m.  B. Hill

Intramural Dodge Ball starts today at lunch in the South Gym.  All studens interested in participating are welcome to come out.  T. Beardwood

If anyone is interested in getting volunteer hours as a score keeper, please see Mr. Nizich in Room Y01, the Phys Ed Office, today at lunch.  K. Nizich

Any staff or students who wish to order a pink t-shirt for Anti-Bullying Week! Please see Ms. Romani in the Guidance Office by this Friday.  J. Romani

Announcements for Monday, November 23, 2015

Members of the Book Club are reminded of your meeting in Room B08 at lunch.  J. Romani

Hockey players!   Tryouts are on Wednesday at 3:00 p.m. at Ted Reeve Arena.  Last chance to get your permission forms in and your name on the tryout list.     J. Vidovich

This is a reminder to all students invited to the “8 out of 8” celebration of your lunch and party in Room B67.  That’s all Grade 9 GLE students passing 8 out of 8 classes.  Congratulations!!  J. Cotton

Just a reminder that there is a Junior Boys Basketball practice today at 3:15 p.m. in the North Gym.  Also, if there is any student interested in being a score keeper for the basketball teams, please see Mr. Nizich in the Weight Room at lunch.  Volunteer hours will be available.  K. Nizich

A reminder that there will be a full meeting and rehearsal for all those involved in the Holiday Show.  This includes all actors, dancers and musicians.  Please be in the Drama Studio, Room B65, by 11:40 a.m. at the latest.  P. McAlpine

Please join Ms. Filice in Room A12 at noon today for meditation and relaxation.  All staff and students are welcome.  A. Filice

Intramural Dodge Ball starts tomorrow at lunch in the South Gym.                        T. Beardwood



Announcements for Friday, November 20, 2015

Just a reminder that there is a Junior Boys’ Basketball practice today at 3:15 p.m. in the North Gym.  K. Nizich

Student Council is running Multicultural Week activities next week!  Wear something from your own cultural tradition.  Tuesday is Performance Day in the cafeteria at lunch and Wednesday is Potluck lunch in the front foyer.  H. Kwan

A reminder to all those involved with the Holiday show that there is a very important meeting at lunch in the Drama Studio.  Please feel free to bring your lunches.  P. McAlpine

To all Grade 11 & 12 students.  Queens University, the last of our university information sessions, is here today at the beginning of lunch in Room B08.        T. Maestri

A reminder for the Champions of the Mind to meet today at lunch in Room A12, the “Chill Out” room.  T. Maestri

Announcements for Thursday, November 19, 2015

Student Council hosts Multicultural Week starting Monday, November 23rd.  It is the day to wear something that represents your cultural tradition.  Tuesday is Performance Day in the cafeteria at lunch.  There will be a potluck lunch in the front foyer on Wednesday.  H. Kwan

Intramural Dodge Ball starts next week on Day 1’s in the South Gym.  All students interested in participating are welcome.  T. Beardwood

Fun Friday in the Library!  Join us tomorrow for board games.  B. Mackay

Today is the last day to sign up for Ottawa University’s information session held on Friday during Period 2.  Please sign up in the Guidance Office before the end of the day.  T. Maestri

Community Meeting Notice

On November 23 and November 26 at 7:00pm, parents/guardians and community members are invited to attend one of two community meetings being held at Danforth CTI (800 Greenwood Ave) to allow individuals to provide feedback on the accommodation review taking place with a number of schools in our community. Last March 2015, the Board of Trustees approved a Pupil Accommodation Review that will involve ten secondary schools in this area: Danforth Collegiate and Technical Institute, East York Alternative Secondary School, East York Collegiate Institute, Eastdale Collegiate Institute, Eastern Commerce Collegiate Institute, Greenwood Secondary School, Monarch Park Collegiate Institute, Riverdale Collegiate Institute, School of Life Experience (SOLE), and Subway Academy 1. This review is studying the group of schools listed above and will seek your feedback as we consider ways to best use school space and ensure that all students have access to viable programs.

At this meeting you will hear from the Public Accommodation Review Committee who will present a list of options that have been discussed to date and you will be given the opportunity to ask questions. The feedback that is received from these consultation sessions will help shape staff’s final recommendations that will be presented to the Board of Trustees for final decisions.

It is not necessary for you to attend both meetings, as staff will be presenting the same material at both meetings. Throughout the process, the information shared will be posted on the TDSB’s website at From the drop-down menu, select: Pupil Accommodation Reviews, then select: 2015 – Toronto-Danforth Review.


Announcements for Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Thursday our 4 periods will run in the morning beginning at 8:45 a.m. with a 12:00 noon early dismissal.

The representative from Pathways is here.  Please see him at lunch.

Huge hugs and kisses of good-bye to Ms. Chan whose last day is today.  We will miss you.  We know you will miss climbing all the stairs here!  From all of your students and staff.  S. Bain

Don’t forget Fun Fridays in the Library!  Join us for board games during lunch this Friday.  B. Mackay

Photography Club will meet today after school in Room C26.  C. Jokinen