Announcements for Wednesday, September 23, 2015

This is the final call for any club or team that wants to be in the Spirit Assembly on Friday.  Let Mr. Weight know by the end of the day today.  P. Weight

Speaking of the Spirit Assembly, there will be a brief meeting for all clubs and teams participating today after school today in Room C03.  P. Weight

Girls Basketball practice after school today in the South Gym.  T. Niven

Senior Boys Soccer tryouts continue today after school.  J. Vidovich

Spirit Week is starting on Monday of next week and Student Council will be running fun events every day.  Attention all “gamers”!!  On Monday there will be a video games tournament held in the Auditorium.  Sign up for this event starting tomorrow at lunch in Room B05, the Student Council Office.  P. Weight

All students in the Drama Club are reminded that we are meeting at lunch and after school in the Drama Studio, Room B65.  New students are absolutely welcome.  P. McAlpine

Students involved in the Stage Crew please come to a short meeting in the Drama Studio, Room B65 at the beginning of lunch.  This is an important meeting about Friday’s Spirit Assembly.  P. McAlpine