Announcements for Tuesday, March 23, 2015

Do you want to dance?  Or just have an excuse to dress up?  Semi-formal tickets are on sale again until Wednesday!  So go now!  To the Student Council Office, Room B05 to snatch up those last remaining tickets before someone else does.   If you pre-ordered but haven’t paid yet, make sure to get your $30.00 to the Student Council ASAP!  Don’t miss out!  Remember tickets are limited.                I. Slywynska

Are you interested in taking a full credit summer school course online?  If so, please come to Guidance to pick up course information.  Registration begins today!  D. Levogiannis

Just a reminder that there will be a Baseball team tryout this Wednesday after school in the North Gym.  Remember to bring your tryout forms and gloves.  It starts at 3:15 p.m.  K. Nizich

Attention all senior students with an IEP!!  There will be a field trip to the Ryerson University Access Centre on April 1st.  Come and learn about the transition to college or university and how to access accommodations at the post-secondary level.  See Ms. Cotton in Room B67 to sign up.  J. Cotton