Announcements for Monday, February 23, 2015

There will be a brief but very important meeting of the Prom Committee in Room B08 at lunch today.  All members must attend!  A. Lajeunesse

There is an Aboriginals and Allies Club lunch this Wednesday in Room C46.  See you there!  M. Huycke

The Intramural Ball Hockey schedule is posted outside of Room Yo2, the Phys Ed Office.  The tournament starts Wednesday at lunch in the South Gym.            T. Beardwood

To any students interested in helping out with parent teacher interviews, please see Mr. Hill.  You will get volunteer hours for this event!!  B. Hill

Danforth Co-ed Ultimate Frisbee Club.  There will friendly and fun Ultimate Frisbee at lunch in the North Gym on Wednesday, February 25, 2015.  See Mr. Charbonneau in Room C35 for details.  A. Charbonneau

On-line course selections are due this Wednesday.  You must submit your courses for next year and print the sign off sheet to get signed by a parent or guardian.  The sign off sheet is due to the home form teacher this Wednesday.  If you are not returning next year, you must still do your on-line course selection and submit your destination for next year.  All on-line course selections are due this Wednesday so please complete at home or at any computer in the school.  See Guidance if you need assistance.  T. Maestri