Announcements for Thursday, November 27, 2014

Each month the Future Aces Club will be holding a positive ticket draw.  Staff and members of the Future Aces Club will be giving out tickets when they catch students in the act of demonstrating good character.  When you receive a ticket, bring it to the main office and put the grey part in the raffle box.  Each month there will be a draw for a gift card.  J. Cotton

Today is the McMaster University Physics Contest.  Report to Room A74 and A76 at the start of lunch.  R. Tevlin

Junior Boys Soccer players!  There will be a brief meeting at the Phys Ed Office after school today.  J. Vidovich

Attention senior students with an IEP!  There will be a presentation on Tuesday, December 2nd during Period 3 on transitioning to college and university.  Learn about how to access supports and get accommodations at the post-secondary level.  If you are interested in attending please sign up with Ms. Cotton in Room B67.  J. Cotton

Attention Ms. Dixon’s Dance students!  There will be a rehearsal at lunch for the Grade 9 students and a rehearsal after school for the Grade 10 and 11 students in the Dance Studio on Friday.  Be on time!  E. Dixon