November 12, 2012 Announcements

The Complicated Board Games club will run today after school in Room B01.  Do you play Settlers of Catan?  Do you like Star Trek?  Then come out to play Star Trek Settlers of Catan today after school.  V. Kee

All Aboriginal Student club members – there will be a very short but important meeting today in Room B30.  M. Da Silva

A reminder that a representative from the University of Western Ontario will be in Room B20 today at lunch.  D. Levogiannis

Attention all boys and girls hockey players.  If you are interested in playing varsity hockey please see Mr. Triantafillou at the beginning of lunch for a short meeting outside of Room Y02, the Phys Ed office.  A. Triantafillou

Any staff or students who are interested in purchasing a red and white varsity jacket, there will be a representative in the Cafeteria tomorrow, Tuesday, November 13th at 11:30 a.m. through lunch.  I. McLeod

Would all tennis players meet for a team photo on Tuesday after school at the main entrance of the school.  N. Anthony

Any students or staff interested in joining the Insanity Fitness program with Ms. Anthony are invited to attend an information meeting on Tuesday at lunch in Room C03.  Our first workout will be some time next week.  Get ready to get fit and have fun!  N. Anthony

Please be advised that the “Stand Up to Bullying” t-shirts will be on sale at the front foyer on Tuesday and Wednesday at lunch.  The cost of the t-shirts is $10.00.  All proceeds will go to support anti-bullying initiatives.  J. Romani

Danforth Dialogue members!  Please come promptly to Room C33 for “spoken word”.  Our guest artist, Henrik Sale, will be her promptly.  D. Liarakos

Yoga tomorrow, Tuesday, after school in the Dance Studio at 3:30 p.m.  Come join us.  Be there.  Be fit.  A. Lajeunesse

Over the past weekend, 8 Danforth students represented our school at the Future Aces Leadership conference.  The conference was a great success and the students learned leadership skills that will benefit our school and community.  Thank you for making us proud! J. Roberts

There is a very important Senior Boy’s Volleyball meeting at the beginning of lunch in Room A28.  M. Graul