Danforth Collegiate and Technical Institute

“We learn by doing” – Faciendo Discimus

Danforth Collegiate and Technical Institute is a specialized Math, Science and Technology school that is proud of its past, but equal to the challenges of both the present and future.

The school motto is “We learn by doing” and, indeed, experiential learning defines the “Danforth Way”. Students have access to a wide selection of engaging and innovative courses, offered in a caring, encouraging, and inclusive atmosphere. Across the subject disciplines, from Technological Studies to the Arts, individual student creativity is encouraged and celebrated. Danforth also supports a wide range of students with special needs and is committed to the learning success of all students.

2019 Summer Program

Danforth and Greenwood are once again offering an in-house summer school program. This year the program runs from July 2 to July 12, 2019.

The options for Danforth CTI‘s summer program include:

Grade 9 Transition Program
This program aims to support students who will be starting grade 9 in September of 2019. The program is aimed at teaching skills and habits for success in high school, developing positive relationships with peers and staff, and closing gaps in learning from grade 7 and 8.

Grade 9/10 Credit Recovery
A program for students who have been unsuccessful in a compulsory course at the Grade 9/10 level. Students will have an opportunity to complete additional coursework to earn a passing grade. Students may recover multiple courses if they are able to complete the required work within the 9 day program. As opportunities for direct instruction and learning are limited in credit recovery classrooms, students are required to have a grade of 35% or higher, or the subject teacher’s recommendation in order to attempt a credit.

The options for Greenwood SS‘s summer program include

Literacy / Numeracy for Newcomers
The Greenwood program focuses on foundational literacy and numeracy programming and is available for new Canadians in the LEAP program. Working with the support of community agencies, this program helps students adapt to life in Canada and provides opportunities to learn and apply essential communication and mathematics skills for use in daily life.

Math Boost
This program is designed for students looking to accelerate their learning in mathematics, and will include 2 weeks of intensive instruction, followed by an opportunity for reassessment in August to determine if students have advanced to the next level of math. Students may upgrade from grades 3/4, 5/6 or 7/8 mathematics.
This program is available only to students of Greenwood SS.

Space is limited, so register early to ensure your spot.

To register for any of these programs, please use the link below:



MaST is a four-year program specializing in Mathematics, Science and Technology that provides:

ACCELERATION: The grade 9 program enables students in grade 10 to take some grade 11 courses.  This acceleration continues in the following year and interested students could graduate with up to twelve grade 12 credits (This is double the minimum requirement for university acceptance.) MaST students graduate with an average of nine grade 12 credits.

ENRICHMENT: The MaST classes allow students with similar interests to work together on projects that are hands-on and open-ended.  Many challenging and enriching opportunities are available to them such as Math and Science Contests, National Science Fair, and Skills Canada Competitions etc…Please visit the  news page to see what they have been up to recently.

FLEXIBILITY: As students progress to grade 12, their course options increase dramatically to support a wide variety of post-secondary opportunities.

Learn more about the Danforth CTI MaST program